LCD multi-touch table display

  • LCD multi-touch table display
LCD multi-touch table display

LCD multi-touch table display

  • Item No.:  SYM-001
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Product Features:

1 multi-touch (more than 100 touch points) True multi-touch: up to simultaneously identify more than 100 touch points; user finger touch sensitive, interactive games like projection, only recognizes the arm waving, can not reach the dazzling touch gesture control.

2 people simultaneously (10 or more simultaneously) Simultaneous operation of the real people: more than 10 people simultaneously without disturbing each other.

3 surface roughness Surface roughness: the surface of the glass, do not box as infrared multi-touch screen, have a 1-2cm border processes.

4 waterproof, scratch, fight Table surface: water, scratch, fight fight, full compliance with the performance requirements of the traditional coffee table (IR frame type can not be achieved).

5 high refresh rate (60fps) High refresh rate: The refresh rate for the touch 60fps, the touch experience a sense of class, there is no lag.

6 high sensitivity Display: 16:9 Full HD LED LCD display, color-rich.
7Enhance the user experience; Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty; Improve the corporate image; to attract new customers; Reduce service costs (more than 1 machine, a> 4); To increase product sales (end products, communications services, value-added services, etc.).

LCD multi touch table dispaly are widly used in intertainment room, game, landscape introduction.
LCD multi touch table game dispaly
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